About Gillian

When faced with the choice of either pursuing a career in law or classical music, Gillian chose law and embarked upon a career that has become both a passion and an ongoing personal challenge.

Gillian2Having studied a BComm, LLB at Wits University, Gillian completed her articles in 1997 and was admitted as an attorney in January 1998.

Family law played a significant part in Gillian’s training, together with commercial litigation, which became her focus early on. Gillian had a brief sojourn at the Johannesburg Bar and was admitted as an advocate in 2002. Family life drew her back to the side bar where she has remained ever since.

Gillian now focuses her practice exclusively on family law, as this area of the law truly allows her to fulfill her passion: to give her clients a voice and the tools they need to survive the ever-intimidating justice system.  She believes that when people are not properly educated as to their rights, they are simply unable to take proper advantage of the system and achieve a satisfactory resolution of their conflicts.

Gillian achieved a Masters, cum laude, in Family Law in 2015 and is in addition a trained and qualified mediator, having completed the necessary training through FAMSA in Johannesburg. Her specialities include the drafting of Antenuptial Contracts, dissolution of marriage (divorce), maintenance, parenting plans and all issues pertaining to parenting rights and responsibilities, as well as issues regarding paternity. In addition to working to ensure fair outcomes in these cases, Gillian believes her role as an attorney is to educate her clients about the impact the law will have on their specific issues.

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